Monday, July 13, 2009

Useful Pos.Net Links

I’m anticipating a few articles on working with Pos .Net (a Microsoft implementation of the UPOS standard for working with common POS peripherals/devices, and with a few neat extras over and above the original standard).

I’ve been doing a bit with it over the last month or so and have run into a few issues. More on that later though… for now here are some useful links for people working with Pos.Net.

Pos .Net Forum at Microsoft (only recently opened)

Pos .Net and WePOS Team Blog at Microsoft;

Sean Liming’s site… contains useful Pos .Net resources;

Also, for any one wanting Epson service objects for use with Pos .Net, create an account at Epson Expert;

Login, go to the OPOS download page (under Application Development) and scroll to the bottom, you’ll find links for the OPOS ADK for .NET supporting Microsoft WEPOS. The current version at time of writing is 1.11.3.

Here’s my repository of links to known service objects;

Finally, and just for fun, links to my posts on the Microsoft forums;

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