Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to Enable Logging in Pos .Net

The easiest way to enable logging in Pos .Net is to download my Pos .Net Plug and Play Configuration Utility and use it’s user interface to configure the logging registry settings.


If you want to configure logging manually, you need to edit the registry on the PC. Once you start the registry editor go to;


Once there change the value of the Enabled setting to 1 to turn logging on, or 0 to turn logging off. Once the setting is changed to 1 log files will be created as soon as the next PosExplorer class instance is created.

Log files will be created in the folder specified by the Location value. By default this is set to %temp% which is expanded at runtime to the folder set in the TEMP environment variable.

You can also edit the Name setting to set the prefix for the log file name. The log files will start with the specified name, followed by the date, and then followed by a sequential number if multiple files are created within the same day.


  1. For those On 64-bit Systems you can find this setting in