Friday, September 04, 2009

Pos .Net and OPOS Service Object Links

This post, which I will update from time to time, contains links to known Pos .Net and OPOS service object downloads.

APG (OPOS and Pos .Net)

Cash Drawers

Authentec (Pos .Net)

Rumoured to have a Pos .Net driver for some biometric devices, but no download link or other details found.
UPDATE 31/05/2010: Apparently you should request the appropriate “Technology Evaluation Kit” using the link below;

Avery Berkel/Weigh-Tronix (Pos .Net & OPOS)

Service object for 6710 POS Scale by SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions.


Printers (Note, you’ll need to choose your specific printer model before downloading the correct driver)
Also see here for a UPOS driver for Bixolon/Samsung printers.

Casio (OPOS)

See Epson, as they seem to be the manufacturer now.

Cherry (OPOS)

Printers, Msrs, (Barcode) Scanners, Smart Card Readers, Tone Indicators
Select a product in the drop-down list and then look for OPOS downloads.

Citizen (OPOS)


Custom Engineering/Kube (OPOS)

Driver link half way down page.

DataLogic (OPOS)

(Barcode) Scanners (select ‘OPOS’ from drop-down list)

Elane (POS .NET)
USB Scales, RS232 Scales


CashDrawers, Msrs, Keyboards

Epson Devices (Pos .Net & OPOS)

Download the Epson OPOS ADK for .Net from Epson Expert. You’ll need to create a login first, then you can find the downloads under Application Development/OPOS, or use this link;
Epson OPOS/Pos .Net Driver Downloads (Printers, CashDrawers, LineDisplays, HardTotals)
The OPOS downloads are at the top of the page, Pos .Net ADK downloads are at the bottom of the page. Supported device models are listed in the readme.txt file included in/installed by the download.

Flytech (OPOS)

Hosted at Software Informer website.

Fujitsu (OPOS)

Printers, CashDrawers, LineDisplays, PosPower (Power Management), Msrs, KeyLocks, ToneIndicator, Scanner, Scale

Handheld Products Barcode Scanners (Open Source?)
Note: Supports 64 bit Windows !

Honeywell (Pos .Net & OPOS)

(Barcode) Scanners
Select a product from the drop-down list and available downloads will appear, choose the UnifiedPOS Control entry if available.
Or try
Honeywell OPOS Drivers

HP Devices (OPOS)

HP RP 5700/5000/3000 Devices
Pos Printer
USB Line (Pole) Display
USB Mini Magnetic Stripe Reader
USB Barcode Reader
Pos Keyboard with Integrated MSR


SurePos hardware (various)
Requires registration to download.

ID Innovations (OPOS)


IdTech (OPOS)

Pin Pads, Keyboards, Signature Capture, Barcode Scanners, Msrs

IEE (Industrial Electronic Engineers – OPOS)


Intermec (OPOS)

Serial devices only it seems
Alternate download here

Ithaca/Transact (OPOS)


Logic Controls (Pos .Net and OPOS)

Printers, LineDisplays, CashDrawers, Msrs
Product category from drop-down list to see downloads. Pos .Net drivers for LineDisplays only, other devices have OPOS drivers.


Rumoured to have OPOS drivers, but I haven’t found a download link.

MagTek (Pos .Net & OPOS)

Pos .Net Drivers
Documentation for setting up the Pos .Net Example Service Object for Msrs to work with MagTek devices.
OPOS Drivers (Msrs & Micrs)
Note, apparently the OPOS service objects can be used to drive some IdTech devices too.


Cash Drawers

Motorola (OPOS)

Hosted at Software Informer website.

Micros (OPOS)

Hosted at Software Informer website.

Panasonic (OPOS)

Email Ken McCoy at mccoyk at panasonic dot com.

Partner Tech (OPOS)

Printers, CashDrawers, LineDisplays

Pioneerpos (OPOS)

CashDrawers, LineDisplays, Msrs

PreyKeyTech (OPOS)

Keyboards, Msrs, KeyLocks and ToneIndicators

Raymark (OPOS)

Hosted by Software Informer website.


Hosted by Software Informer website.

Senor (OPOS)

Hosted by Software Informer website.

Star Micronics (OPOS)

Printers, Cash Drawers

Symbol Technologies (OPOS)

From Software Informer website.

or from Symbol.

Syncron/Centric (OPOS)

Email Johan Hallez at johanhz at syncron-it dot com.

Tipro (OPOS)


Topaz Systems (OPOS)

Signature Capture


Toshiba (OPOS)

Hosted at Software Informer website.


Printers, CashDrawers

Tremol (OPOS)

(Fiscal) Printers

WASP (Pos .Net & OPOS)

Rumoured to have OPOS drivers for printers, but no download link has been found yet.
Get a Pos .Net cash drawer service object from (by SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions).

Wincor Nixdorf (OPOS)

Printers, HardTotals, CashDrawers, LineDisplays, FiscalPrinters, (Barcode) Scanners, Keyboards, PosPower, Micr
Note, this page contains an email address, you must email them to obtain drivers. Also, their UPOS documentation mentions Pos .Net, so native Pos .Net drivers may exist, but are not specifically mentioned. The documentation also says a development environment supporting COM is required, which is evidence that Pos .Net is only supported via OPOS legacy drivers.
Or try this link to the Software Informer web site.

Zebra (Pos .Net & OPOS)

Download requires registration. Also, single download for both OPOS and native Pos .Net service objects. Also note it’s rumoured these drivers (at least the Pos .Net native ones) only work with Pos .Net 1.1.


See Sean Liming’s site or the Monroe Consulting Services site for other lists of service objects and related downloads.
OPOS drivers listed at the Software Informer website.

Submit Another Vendor/Driver Set

Know of another vendor or driver set not listed here ? Want a correction made ? Send an email with the details to Yort.


  1. Yort, thanks for putting this together. its the most complete list available. You should note that Honeywell POS for .NET driver has some known issues which Honeywell won't fix.

    Also, can you elaborate on the Zebra POS for .NEt driver? I cant find any information about this on the link you provided, only OPOS drivers.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the comment, I'm really glad the post is helpful.

    I wasn't aware of the issues with the Honeywell driver, although I read a post this morning on the Pos .Net forum that alluded to this.

    As for the Zebra drivers, if you download the OPOS driver set and install it, I believe it includes a native Pos .Net service object as well as the OPOS ones (hence why it lists .Net 1.1 AND activeX in the specifications list).

    Certainly after installing it I find there is a service object installed that reports it's 'legacy' property as 'false'. You can use Sean Liming's Service Object Manager or my Pos .Net Plug and Play Configuration Utility to view the list of installed service objects and they both include the 'legacy' value in the displayed list.

    Good luck.

  3. Ok. I found the files by digging around a bit. The Zebra documentation is odd because it doesnt even specifically mention POS for .NET. Do you have any experience using the Zebra native .NET driver? I will try to do some testing on it and post the results.

    For your list, you should also add IdTech ( There are some positive comments about their devices with POS for .NET on the forum. (MSR, scanner, pinpads).

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the IdTech info, I've added them to the list.

    I haven't actually used the Zebra drivers myself, the Zebra equipment *seems* to be label printers rather than typical receipt or slip printers and I've had no need to print labels.

    I would love to hear the results of your testing !

  5. I have completed preliminary review of Zebra service object.
    In sum, the solution is less than ideal for most situations. First the Zebra service object itself is buggy and parts of it work only with POS for .NET 1.1. Hopefully Zebra will fix this.

    Second, the ZPL language itself it much more robust than the UPOS standard, so for anything more than very basic receipt printing, the Zebra service object will be a disappointment.

  6. Hi yort,
    i have escalated the issue with Authentec driver to Authentec senior management. We will see if they respond. Also, what is the best way to get in touch with you directly?

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for that, Anonymous. If you want to contact me directly try emailing it's not an address I usually use because I expect it to be filled with spam since it's posted on the web, but I'll check for messages there occasionally.

  8. Hi Anonymous (re Zebra SO),

    That is indeed a shame, although not suprising as it is typical of service objects it seems.

    The ZPL may well be more powerful, and a better solution for you, but is of course limited to Zebra printers and so won't be for every one :(

  9. Hi Yort,

    I'm new to developing. Do I need to use the epson SO or can I just use the OPOS ones?? If I have to use the ones does that then mean that I can only use printers etc that come with SOs??


  10. Hi James,

    I think you're a little confused. OPOS and Pos .Net are both implementations of the UPOS standard. Both of these require service objects (SO's).

    Pos .Net is able to use both Pos .Net specific SO's and (usually) older OPOS SO's as it is newer and has a 'backwards compatibility shim' that allows it to load and work with the OPOS service objects.

    OPOS is an older implementation of UPOS and will only work with OPOS service objects.

    I recommmend you use Pos .Net if you are developing in .Net. If you are using Java check out JavaPOS which is another UPOS implementation, and if you're using anything else consider OPOS (via COM).

    When you ask if you have to use the Epson .Net SO's or if you have to use the OPOS ones the question doesn't really make sense... there is no non-Epson SO for Epson printers. Which version of the SO's you use depends on whether you are working with Pos .Net or OPOS, as I mentioned previously but Pos .Net gives you the most options.

    If you are working with Pos .Net then I would generally recommend you use Pos .Net SO's instead of OPOS ones, where Pos .Net versions are available. The deployment is simpler and they should be faster (no COM).

    Good luck, and don't forget to checkout the Pos .Net form on the MSDN site if you need help !

  11. Thanks again for all your time in putting this together.
    I have been configuring OPOS for a while for our Quick Serve POS. Right now I have Monro CO’s 1.9 loaded. I am new to .net but have been using VB since PDS 7.1. I have a need to “hook into” the line display or another way of saying it, write my own SO. I am starting to learn the difference between OPOS and I know the OPOS enumerate through the OLEforRetail/SerivceOPOS and POS for .net uses the
    So, here is my question(s) :-)
    I see skeleton code for Are there any for OPOS?

  12. Hi,

    Ahh, PDS 7.1... I remember it fondly :)

    I'm afraid I don't know of any sample/skeleton code for OPOS. I tried OPOS back in the late 90's and it was so bad that my boss decided to just avoid it and write all our own stuff manually (we had performance issues, DLL hell, lack of driver availability etc). We've only just recently started using Pos .Net and to be honest none of our current 'live' installs are actually using it.

    So, I'm sorry but all I can suggest is that you try a Google search.

    Thanks for the comment and praise though.

  13. anywhere to download bixolon SR-275 driver support for Javapos or unifypos in java instead of .net ? Please help.

  14. Hi,

    I'm afraid I don't know of any locations for downloading JavaPOS service objects (except for the Epson Expert site, which only covers Epson hardware).

    I think Samsung make the Bioxlon brand hardware, so you might want to try their related websites.

    Good luck.

  15. Just passing and thought I would fill the gap on your "rumored NCR generic drivers". The drivers are open source and written by Curtiss Monroe of RCS; A Division of NCR. He produced and continues to maintain generic OPOS drivers in the form of OCX files. He also has a .NET library that I know nothing about. My experience is only with the generic OCX components.

    Library: OPOS Common Control Objects
    Latest ver: 1.13.001
    Last updated: March 1, 2010
    Web site:

    Mike Welch

  16. Thanks anonymous, that's great info.

  17. Hi Yort,

    The Authentec url links above seem to be dead (i.e. the "Rumoured" POS for .Net driver for biometric devices) and just re-direct straight back to the Authentec home page. I've also tried sending emails to Authentec, as suggested, requesting their "Technology Evaluation Kit" to no avail.

    Any chance you know how to get hold of the POS for .Net drivers (Service objects) from Authentec ?

    I've successfully interfaced our POS application with a Barcode Scanner, Receipt Printer & Cash Drawer using POS for .Net and now the Fingerprint Scanner is the last piece of the puzzle. (I'm using the Eikon II Fingerprint scanner from UPEK (i.e. Authentec))

    They do supply their own SDK, but the supplied DLL is written in C++ and I'm developing in C# and I don't really want to write a C# wrapper for it, considering it is a lot of work and defeats the whole point of POS for .Net where I'd be locking my application into a specific hardware vendor.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks again for your posts. It's really helpful for us POS developers out here!


    1. Hi,

      As far as I know the Authentec driver was for POS .Net/OPOS was never released. Sadly I am not currently aware of any POS .Net or OPOS integrated biometric devices of any sort.

      My only suggestions would be to either create your own service object using the SDK you have (or another one) to handle the internals, or simply create your own biometric device interface and implement that using the SDK.

      Creating a service object means you can keep using Pos .Net to locate, instatiate and manage the device(s) from your code. However, creating a service object isn't always easy depending on the device type and behaviour requirements of the contract. If your create your own biometric interface and take care of instantiating the implementation in a dynamic way (ioc ?) then you can still swap it out for a different device later so long as you wrap the new device handling in the same interface.

      Good luck.

  18. yort,
    hope you are well.
    I came across this and wondered if you have any thoughts if it would be useful at all...

    open source implementation?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for pointing out that project, I hadn't seen it before. It's interesting, although I'm not sure I personally have a use for it and in it's current state it appears to be little more than redefinitions of the interfaces (no actual logic inside most of the classes).

      Unfortunately, since they've chosen to re-implement POS .Net, which implements the UPOS standard, they've ended up with the same set of ugly interfaces as the original. In addition, this is re-implementing the POS .NET core not providing any additional service objects (at least at this point) so it doesn't provide any additional device support or immediate value.

      On the other hand, if it ends up better maintained and with various bug fixes/improvements applied, it might be worth switching to. The MS version hasn't had an update in years that I'm aware of and there are issues using it with .Net 4 etc.

  19. There is native POS for .NET driver for the ImageScanner device available here:
    It is commercially licensed.

    Hope you are doing well Yort.

  20. Yort, Ingenico has OPOS drivers for Pinpad and MSR (Telium 2 drivers). They are available on request only from the manufacturer.

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