Monday, December 07, 2009

Hallelujah ! New TFS 2010 Check-in Policy

I learned a few new things about TFS today, and the most exciting piece of news is about a new check-in policy in the TFS 2010 Power Toys. This new policy lets you apply different sets of (other) check-in policies to different source control folders. That means you can set code analysis at different levels for different projects, or even better, turn it off completely for folders that just contain sql scripts, images and other files that don’t require code analysis !

A HUGE thank you to the TFS Power Toys team for inventing this ! I actually made a suggestion via Microsoft Connect for this feature, but they marked it as closed by design so I wasn’t holding out hope for a fix. I’m glad someone saw sense and invented a fix, even if it is a power toy.


The two other things I learned, and these probably apply to TFS 2008 and maybe 2005 as well;

1. You can set the default lock type in TFS based on file type (extension).

2. If you have a check-in lock on a file, anyone else checking out that file gets notified of the lock at check out time.


That solves (well, nearly) an issue my boss has with allowing multiple check-out. To be fair, it would be nicer if we could get a warning even on a check-out lock (since multiple checkout doesn’t happen often in our place, we just want to know when it does), but perhaps we can live with it the way it works.

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