Tuesday, August 03, 2010

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Rapture In Venice » Is Good Code Impossible?

Wait, you mean that's not how projects are supposed to go ?


  1. hi
    i want connect to eft930s sagem pos.i want change some programs for special customers.
    how can i connect it to pc and pc verify it??
    how can i get source code??
    in sagem website and other site can't find anything.and the bank that i get the pos from them don't give me information
    please give me some information or link
    thank you so much

  2. Hi,

    I'm sorry but I haven't worked with any Sagem hardware and don't have any knowledge of it so I can't help.

    Normally EFTPOS devices connect to a PC via either serial, TCP/IP or USB. In terms of communicating with the device you could try Pos .Net, but I haven't used Pos .Net to do an EFTPOS integration (doesn't appear to be supported by any of the EFTPOS resellers in NZ as far as I can tell).

    In NZ every EFTPOS provider has their own SDK which you must integrate to, then go through a process called 'Type Approval' to get certified before you use the equipment in a production environment.

    The EFTPOS supplier/reseller should be able to assist you.

    Sorry I can't help anymore than that.