Thursday, June 23, 2016

Share Contact for Windows Phone Privacy Policy

Share Contact for Windows Phone is used to deliberately and explicitly share contact information, either your own or other peoples, from your phone address book. It will only share data when you specifically ask it to, and it allows you to choose which data is shared. When sharing by email or SMS, you will be able to see the message before it is sent, allowing for final control over the data shared.

The app may capture your own contact information for the purposes of later sharing with other people. In this case you will be explicitly asked to provide the contact information yourself. The information will be stored on your device, but will only be shared when you specify.

When sharing other people’s contact information please ensure you respect their privacy and only share their details with their consent. You are responsible for the act of and information shared. The application may gather anonymous usage data, as aggregate values, or data stored against anonymous device or user id’s which are not directly linked to your identity. This data will be used for the purposes of improving and fixing the app. It will not be sold or deliberately shared. The data may be collected and/or stored in 3rd party systems such as cloud services, but only as private data and not shared with the 3rd party host.

Your Consent
By using our services and application, you consent to our privacy policy and disclaimer.

Contacting Us If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below;

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